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Regardless of position and tenure in a company nearly everyone will face a stressful situation at some point in time at their job. When these situations occur, confidence can take a significant blow or lack thereof can prevent you from handling the situation in the best way possible. These eight tips can help increase and maintain your confidence at work – no matter the situation.

Stay focused

Workplace politics and gossip can create poor productivity and a toxic work environment. By avoiding participating in gossip and complaining, it is easier to remain focused and on task. Focusing on what you need to get done each day helps you stay on top of your game and stay away from negative influences.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

A key part of becoming more confident at work is through reflecting on what performance areas are particularly strong or weak. Determining and recognizing strengths allow individuals to better harness those skills and improve their performance.

Consult others

Input from a trusted colleague, supervisor, or mentor can be a good way to identify strengths and re-calibrate goals. By having open and candid discussion both confidence and productivity will benefit.

Have self confidence

A positive self view can be critical to the perception of other individuals. Individuals who believe they will succeed are more likely to find success through perseverance and hard work.

Celebrate success

When something has been completed successfully, recording and monitoring that success can serve as a reminder to individuals struggling with confidence. Notes like to-do lists and any congratulatory memos are an easy way to celebrate success at work.

Seek challenges

Finding and conquering new and challenging tasks can also help increase confidence. Although failure may occur when trying a new challenge often the experience and effort alone provides a rewarding sense of accomplishment. Learning a new skill or attempting a project outside of what is familiar can create growth and personal progress.

Maintain a positive attitude

Individuals who display a positive attitude are resilient and optimistic in the face of change. This mindset can help frame things in a more hopeful way, and may instill a positive outlook in coworkers as well.

Seek to understand

Understanding that colleagues and management are human and may react negatively due to emotions or stress is important. By recognizing this fact, individuals may find that criticism and workplace disagreements are easier to move past.

With increased confidence comes increased productivity and improved mood. By maximizing skills and working toward building confidence, both an individual’s job and personal satisfaction will benefit.