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It doesn’t matter what role you fulfill in your workplace; there are ample opportunities to be a leader. It’s important to take the attitude of leadership in your job and then incorporate that attitude into anything you do. Having the attitude of a leader helps you focus on your job and perform better. When you think of how you can be a leader and influence those around you, you put more thought into what you do every day. Here are tips on being a leader, even if you don’t have a clear leadership role.

Listen to others

The first step to being a fantastic leader is working on your listening skills. People want a leader who listens to them, so when someone comes to you for advice or with questions, be ready to help. When you’re talking to someone with authority over you, be an active listener and show you’re engaged in what they’re saying. Active listening is a great way to learn to be a better leader and show others you care.

Be prepared

Whether you’re starting the week or heading into a meeting, make sure you’re always prepared. Come prepared with questions, take notes, and know what tasks you need to complete that week. Showing others that you’re prepared sets you up as a leader and can help motivate others to follow your example.

Work with a mentor

All great leaders have a mentor; many times, they have more than one! It’s never too late to find a mentor, so begin thinking about who yours is or if there’s someone in your life that you’d like to develop a closer relationship with. You can also connect with a mentor online or simply follow someone’s blog and videos for mentorship, though having someone you can bounce ideas and questions off of is always helpful. You want someone who has been where you are and can offer you quality advice.

Focus on problem-solving

One of the clearest marks of a quality leader is their ability to problem-solve. No matter what position you hold at work, keep an eye out for problems and think of ways you can solve the issue. Be creative and think outside the box; leaders are adept at finding ways to improve current methods and make everyone’s jobs easier.

Utilize passion

As a leader, it’s important you have a great deal of passion for what you do. When you’re passionate about your job, others see this love and it can inspire them to do more. Leaning into your own passion also helps you get more done and encourage you to do even better than you already are. Passion is the key to being the best leader you can be and excelling at your job.