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When you’re managing other people, no matter in what capacity, it’s vitally important that you also embody the traits of a true leader in order to do the best job possible. You want to motivate the people working with you to achieve great things and push toward something bigger. You can be a manager and not be a leader and you can also be a leader and not be a manager. If you are a manager, the best way to do the most effective job is through becoming a genuine leader and knowing the difference between simply being a manager and actually being a leader as well.

Leaders push toward a vision

Managers usually simply set out goals, but leaders help create a vision for their team that benefits individuals and the company as a whole. Leaders are able to focus on a vision for the company and show employees how to get there and why they’re each important in that journey. While goals are great and can accomplish a purpose, setting and encouraging a vision leads to greater progress.

Leaders work with employees

It’s all too easy for managers to fall into the habit of dictating to their employees what they need to do and then expecting the tasks completed and problems solved. A true leader actually works with the people around them in order to reach a quality solution. A leader knows they’re part of a team and need to show the employees they’re on the same side.

Leaders promote change

Managers often opt to stick with the status quo, while leaders attempt to truly make a difference. Even when change is risky, leaders see the intrinsic value of trying out new methods and improving on current strategies and routines.

Leaders encourage employees

While managers are used to ordering employees around, leaders, in addition to working with employees, focus on encouraging them to go above and beyond. With a true leader, employees are pushed further in their careers and create goals that they never imagined possible. A leader can find ways to encourage employees to perform better and truly work toward a vision.

Leaders embody integrity

Some managers only look out for themselves and do whatever they want in their position as a boss. Leaders make sure that their actions are honest and act with integrity. Instead of only looking out for themselves, leaders truly want what’s best for the business and the people they lead.

Leaders are innovative

Finally, leaders are innovative. In addition to promoting change, genuine leaders also find ways to be innovative within their companies. Finding ways to improve the company and the industry as a whole is a fantastic trait for leaders to have. Leaders also stay up-to-date with industry news and find new ways to implement developments into their companies and teams.