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There are many factors that go into being a successful leader. To be considered a successful leader, you need to have drive, determination, and a variety of other traits that sometimes differ from leader to leader. However, if there is anything that all leaders should have, it is a no tolerance policy for certain behaviors that will prevent you and your team from attaining your goals. If a successful leader is what you aspire to be, then these are some of the things that you should never tolerate under any circumstance.


Mistakes and failures happen in life all of the time. The most successful leaders of this world have their own share of failures and you are no exception. While failure is an inevitability, mediocrity should not be treated as such. Successful leaders are those who seek to do more than what is conceived to be possible. Accepting mediocrity means that you are accepting that a lesser effort to attain a goal will suffice when it should not. You should not be interested in hearing if something is “good enough”, either. Break through expectations and shatter current goals so you can move onto the next great thing.


Honesty, when it comes to successful leadership, is always the best policy. If you want to be a successful leader, then you should not tolerate dishonesty under any circumstance. This type of honesty entails being honest with those you communicate with and honesty with yourself. Not only should you be honest with others for the sake of retaining a good reputation and rapport with others, but you need to be honest with yourself when it comes to failure so that you avoid making the same mistakes twice. You also need to hold your team to these same values.


Successful leaders acknowledge that while fear is very real, they can only be successful by tackling their fears and doing their best to overcome them. Conquering fears is not an easy thing to do, but being successful entails that you do take your fears head-on. For many, the biggest fear comes in the form of failure. Acknowledge what your fear is and do not let it prevent you from advancing.

These are just a few things that successful leaders should not tolerate in order to become successful. Avoid some of these pitfalls that people experience and you will be able to call yourself a very successful leader.