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Lots of people deal with perfectionism throughout various aspects of their lives. While perfectionism is admirable, it can also hamper productivity; excessively focusing on making everything just right can eat up valuable time and resources best spent elsewhere. No matter how well you do something, it’ll never be completely perfect. If you keep looking for something wrong with your work, you’re going to find it. This article seeks to highlight several ways to keep perfectionism in check.

Leave your comfort

Courage is fostered from pursuing a path that leaves a person vulnerable. A person’s fear is overcome by admitting fear exists and then deciding to let the person control the situation. Regularly engaging in frightful activities can lessen those fears through success and familiarity. Participating in improvisational performances is a great way for people to work through the need to control their tendencies of perfectionism. Try something new that’s outside of your comfort zone.

Think about your future

Many people express regret over what they didn’t try throughout life. Instead of worrying about some small issue or what could go wrong, go ahead and do the thing you’re trying to perfect. There will be plenty of new opportunities to try again. Avoid regret by doing everything you say you want to eventually get around to.

Stay true to your values

People should be mindful of their values and never violate them in order to submit a perfect project. While your values might contribute to your perfectionism, you also likely value the trait of reliability. If you keep pushing off getting something done due to perfectionism, it cuts into your value of reliability.

Cultivate your personal relationships

Rather than focusing on the perceptions of coworkers, bosses, and total strangers, focus instead on your relationships with friends and family. You know these people will be there for you and can help you keep your perfectionism in check.

Always be gracious

A person can walk along only one of two paths, the one that keeps reminding him of what “could be” and the path that reminds him of the progress his actions have yielded. Thankfulness for what a person has is the perfect antidote to worrying over what could be gained.

Monitor your thoughts

Pursuing perfection makes it easier for you to become overly judgmental of yourself. Being mindful of this conscious judging and controlling where your mind goes can be a huge boon for a person’s self-worth. When working on a project, consider meditating, going out for a walk, listening to the rain, or anything else that calms the noise of life enough to hear your thoughts and avoid negative thought patterns.