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Being a leader is an immense responsibility because you have a significant amount of power and influence. This truth also means that people will be often looking for you for guidance. It can be difficult to ask for help as a leader when it feels like you’re expected to always have it together and help everyone else. However, there is always somebody or a source of assistance that can help when available. Here are some tips to asking for help if you’re a leader and aren’t sure how to ask others for help when you need it.

Know when it’s time to ask

You’ve likely already attempted to handle the situation yourself, but it can be difficult to identify just when you’re out of ideas. Too often, leaders wait until the last minute to tell someone that they need help. If you learn how to identify when it’s time to ask for help, you’ll avoid the issue of not being able to get help as soon as possible. Giving another person plenty of time to help you out makes it more likely that you’ll receive adequate help. Try to solve an issue yourself or make sure you really do need help, but then as soon as you realize you need assistance, ask.

Give help

It is much easier to ask for help if you regularly help others. Great leaders are willing to help out when needed, so it’s probably something you already do. If you build a reputation of being a person people can go to when they need help, they will most likely have no problem reciprocating the favor. However, if you are somebody only asks for help but are hesitant to return the favor, you may not get help when you need it. If you want to ask for help, be sure you are somebody that be helpful as well.

Be clear about what you need

The worst thing you can do when asking for help is leaving the person guessing in regards to what you really need. Be clear in what you need so that you can get the appropriate help. If you do not give clear instructions about what you need and have someone who understands, you could end up only creating more work for yourself. Be clear about what you need help with and what you want the end result to be; clarity is a powerful tool.